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Carley Myers
Carley Myers.jpg
Name Carley Myers
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Red
First Appearance Episode 17
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Carley Myers is an American agent sent to investigate Ikuya Ogura's death. She is also an Ajin.


Carley is a young woman with blond hair parted in the middle and red/brown eyes. She wears light lipstick. Due to her job, she dresses in formal attire consisting of a dark brown leather suit, a white shirt underneath, and tight leather pants.


Carley is confident in her abilities as an agent and won't let anything get in her way. She is clever and likes to give her opinion on things, which she was scolded for multiple times. It shows in her relationship with her partner. When they interact she is more submissive, and gets treated poorly. She is also quite arrogant and rude, one example including when she was talking with Izumi, saying that she "hates women like her".


Not much is known about her history considering the little screen time she got. However, it is known that she has been an agent for quite some time and is skilled in torture methods such as using syringes with drugs to get information out of people. Reason being because she too had torture methods use in her most likely by her partner to figure out info on Ajin.


Izumi Shimomura[]

She and Izumi have similar occupations, and while they may have a mutual understanding of each other, (i.e. being an undercover Ajin to not get handed over to the government) they are hostile towards each other and are enemies.

Abilities and Powers[]

  • Immortality - like all Ajins, Carley is immortal. She was able to revive herself after she was killed.
  • IBM / Black Ghost - she was seen having good control of her IBM and it obeys her orders. It is quite hostile to anyone but her, however. It has a irregular shape head with multiple square sides.
  • Paralysis Scream - It is assumed that Carley can also use a Paralysis Scream since she's an Ajin but this has never been demonstrated in the series yet.


  • Her voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto, is married in real life to Kenichi Suzumura, the voice actor of Sokabe.
    • Her voice actress is also best known for her role as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji as well as Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club.
  • She is one of the anime-only characters.