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The Real Kei Nagai 2

本当の永井 圭 2


Hontō no Nagai Kei 2


Japanese: November 7, 2013

English: February 10, 2015



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The Real Kei Nagai 2 is the 11th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Kei attempting to stab Sato's spine but is quickly over powered by Sato's superior fight abilities, however Kei did manage to distract Sato long enough for the two surgeons to escape. After escaping the room one of the surgeons pulls out a black marker and leaves a trail on the wall. Just before Sato attempted to decapitate Kei, Kei accidentally summoned his IBM who cuts off Sato's arm. Sato smiles in amazement with how Kei's IBM is acting completely on its own before dying.

Kishi continues questioning Ogura about the unknown substance and their connection with an Ajin's immortality. Ogura points out how Ajin are even capable of coming back to life after dying from malnutrition are able to come back to life and that he believes that the replacement of nutrients is connected to the unknown substance they produce.

While running one of the surgeons hides in the room believing that Sato will just continue to follow the trail left behind by his colleague. While hiding from Sato he listens as Sato walks past the room. He celebrates for a brief moment until he sees Sato's IBM walking in with a handgun. Sato explains that when a Ajin has strong emotions, such as intent to kill, humans can see IBM's. Sato's IBM proceeds to open his mouth and killS the helpless surgeon.

Kei makes it to the roof and is greeted by the remaining surgeon who offers his help to escape by giving Kei the keys to his car confessing that he feels guilt over what he has done at his work. The surgeon assures Kei that they didn't touch his brain during the experiments and the Kei is still the original Kei. Kei questions the surgeons concern for a complete stranger and confesses that he has only been faking caring for humans.

Sato arrives and aims his gun at Kei and the surgeon.

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