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Plan A



Sakusen A


Japanese: November 7, 2013

English: February 10, 2015



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Plan A is the 13th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.

Summary Edit

The chapter starts with Sato reuniting with Tanaka and compares him and Tanaka with Hannibal and Murdoch while getting changed.

Sato and Tanaka greet the media at the gate with Tanaka in a wheel chair. Sato introduces himself to the media as an Ajin and informs the media that there is no reward for capturing an Ajin and these rumours were caused by the media right after Tanaka was discovered to be an Ajin. Sato continues telling his audience that the government's claim that Ajin are under the care for the government is a lie and that instead they are used in inhuman experiments and that he has already uploaded proof onto the Internet. Sato informs the media that he is planning on hosting a protest in front of the ministry of health, labor and welfare.

Despite Sato's plea to the public very few people came to the protest. Tosaki tells Shimomura that they are numerous fake Ajin videos online and that this won't make any difference to the Ajin situation. Meanwhile multiple IBMs appear at the rally as Sato's goal wasn't to protest but to gather Ajin instead. Tanaka's IBM proceeds to inform the other IBMs of the real rendezvous point.

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