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Fighter is the 15th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.

Summary Edit

At the Ajins real rendezvous point, they are invited into a building. Reiji Akiyama warns Kō Nakano that Sato seems shady and that a kid like him shouldn't be here.

Sato informs the other Ajin that he plans on performing a massacre so that government acknowledges their power. Several Ajin are opposed to this and before they are able to leave Tanaka begins taking them out. Reiji and Nakano are able to escape the room and blocks the door with a shelf.

Sato gives Takahashi and Gen a harpoon each and tells them to chase after them. Masumi Okuyama unable to run due to his weak leg gives advice to Tanaka about his rifle. Nakano and Reiji are eventually able to find a window before they are able to jump out the window Reiji is hit with two harpoons with wire fastened to him to stop him from escaping. Reiji then summons his IBM to buy Nakano time to escape.

After Reiji is captured he warns Tanaka that once the public learn more about Ajin abilities it could start a nation wide hunt for Ajin.