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Double Team



Daburu Chīmu


Japanese: May 7, 2014

English: April 7, 2015



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Double Team is the 17th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.

Summary Edit

Kei tells Nakano that he has found a safe zone where is disguised as one of the residents' grandson. While discussing Sato, Nakano begins to feel ill where Kei reveals that he poisoned Nakano and wouldn't allow someone who knew about his location escape.

Nakano manages to run away and jump off a cliff so he could reset. Kei tries to knock him out with a blow to the head but Nakano fights back. Eventually Kei drowns Nakano and dumps him inside an abandoned truck.

After waking up Kei questions why Nakano is trying to save some random strangers despite how people are constantly dying every day and Nakano retorts by pointing out that Kei saved that surgeon. Kei informs him that he saved him because he was an Ajin sympathiser and thus valuable. Nakano demands to be released which Kei ignores and leaves him inside the container.

Okuyama uploads a video of Sato declaring war.

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