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Japanese: May 7, 2014

English: April 7, 2015



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Fringe is the 18th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The media is questioning Kei's escape and the legitimacy of Sato's claim while the government is desperately denying the allegations. Tosaki points out that the people who are questioning the government are a vocal minority and it won't make a difference. The members of the Ajin control put the blame for Kei's escape on Tosaki. Sokabe interrupts the meeting to inform Tosaki that he is a contender to replace him and that he needs to find countermeasures against Sato.

Hirasawa tries questioning Ogura about Ajins but to little success when Tosaki enters the room desperate for information and starts chopping off Ogura's fingers. After being tortured by Tosaki, Ogura still refuses to talk. Ogura tells Tosaki that he would only talk after he gets his Mild Seven FK cigarettes from his car.

After receiving his cigarettes Ogura informs Tosaki about IBMs with how they are unstable and will disappear on their own after 10 minutes and that they can be only brought out once or twice a day. According to Ogura, the main reason why Sato wasn't using his IBM on the day that Kei was released is because it was raining and the rain interferes with the Ajin's connection to their IBM. He goes on to tell Tosaki that the flood phenomenon only happen under extreme mental stress and happen very rarely.

Tosaki relays the information to his colleagues which they stubbornly reject until Sokabe steps in and reminds them they no one else has developed any countermeasures against the Ajin and that it would be best to go with Tosaki's plan.

After the meeting Sokabe meets his Superior to discuss Tosaki's behaviour and concludes that Tosaki has kidnapped Ogura. Sokabe is told to keep this a secret and once the situation has been settled Tosaki will be forced to take in all responsibilities and will be eliminated. Unbeknownst to them Tosaki is listening to them through Shimomura's IBM.

Meanwhile Sato is letting his IBM roam free so it could become more similar to Kei's IBM.

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