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Let's Make It Flashy!



Hade ni ikōze!


Japanese: May 7, 2014

English: April 7, 2015



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Let's Make it Flashy!! is the 19th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The morning of the attack Sato's Group are preparing for the attack and head out.

At the Grant Pharmaceutical a police officer advises that the President of the company sends his employees home but is denied. The Presidents points out that closing the business would lose millions of dollars if they closed for the day and that lives and money are the all the one and the same. The President furthers makes his point by pointing out how much security is and that it is impossible for Sato to blow up the building.

Meanwhile Sato is checking in at the airport and with the help of Okuyama's IBM sneaks in a paper bag containing weapons.

Near the Grant Pharmaceutical building a group of young girls spots the police and plan on checking what is happening but Tanaka stops them telling them that it is not something that should be done to have some fun. The young girls whisper to themselves dismissing Tanaka as creepy, much to Tanaka's annoyance.

On the plane Sato decides to make his move and get out of the seat and uses a hacksaw that he retrieved from his paper bag to destroy the door to the cockpit. He uses a nail gun to kill the two pilots and quickly nails the door shut. Once in control he crashes the plane directly into the Grant Pharmaceutical building fulfilling his promise.

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