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Sucker Punch



Sakkā Panchi


Japanese: November 7, 2014 English: June 2, 2015



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Sucker Punch is the 20th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.

Summary Edit

The news of Satō destroying the Grant Pharmaceutical building is being broadcasted and watched by various people including Kei, Nakano and Tosaki's group.

Okuyama delivers Sato's a shotgun via a small drone in preparation of the fight he is about to face. Sato stands up in the middle of a clearing and wonders who the strongest military until that Japan has to offer.

The Special Assault Team confronts Sato armed with guns and shields and surrounds him using the rubble as cover. Preparing to fight Sato asks the audience that is watching through the small camera on his ear who's side to bet on.

When asked what Tosaki's plan was as the are unable to use the Anti-Ajin unit or tranquilizers Tosaki responds by saying that they will keep killing him. The SAT starts suppressing Sato by continuously killing him while Sokabe watches on amazed that Sato is being suppressed so easily which Tosaki responds by saying that Sato underestimated humans far too much.

Meanwhile Kei continues casually watching the news.

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