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Battlefield Bad Company

バトルフィールド バッドカンパニー


Batorufīrudo Baddo Kanpanī


Japanese: November 7, 2014

English: June 2, 2015



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Battlefield: Bad Company is the 21st chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The SAT continues to kill Sato repeatedly until Takahashi begins killing the SAT members to buy Sato enough time to revive. Once revived Takahashi shoots Sato's hands off in order to free him from the handcuffs. Three small teams of SAT members begin sniping Takahashi from near by buildings. Gen quickly locates the three teams and informs Tanaka of their location. Using his IBM Tanaka quickly takes out one of the teams but before taking out anymore a SAT member uses a flair to activate the sprinkler in order to stop the IBM. Tanaka then breaks into the room and kills the second team.

Meanwhile Takahashi manages to fully revive and prepares to continue shooting SAT members while the final SAT team decide to shoot and Takahashi's rifle. Both teams manage to fire a shot. Takahashi's rifle is destroyed the the remaining SAT sniper team is killed by Tanaka's IBM.

Thanks to Takahashi's final shot, Sato was able to fully revive and summons his IBM to begin a counter attack against the SAT. Sato pushes through into the centre of the group and kills the SAT members while Takahashi and Gen watches in amazement commenting on how Sato is a monster.

After killing the SAT members Sato causally walks off commenting on how exhausted he was. When the helicopter attempts to follow Sato, Okuyama hits the tail with his drone and causes the helicopter to crash. Meanwhile the Ajin committee watches in horror.

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