Chapter 22

Ajin is the 22nd chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


After the incident with Sato the media labels Ajins as dangerous and that people should call the police if they see one. Meanwhile Kita is preparing his shotgun.

The villagers of Kei Nagai's safe zone begin to grow more suspicious of Kei. They meet up to discuss the possibility that Kei isn't Yamanaka's grandson. Kei interrupts the meeting and introduces himself as Ryota and claimed that after he robbed a liquor store and that he has nowhere else to go. He offers the group a bottle of alcohol but before they get a chance to drink any of it Kita shoots him in the back with his shotgun. Once revived Kei quickly escapes using Yamada as a hostage.

Kita tells the others they need to chase after Kei. When Horiguchi questioned how Kita knew that Kei was an Ajin, Kita responded that in the end he was right.