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Ajin 2

亜人 2


Ajin 2


Japanese: November 7, 2014 English: June 2, 2015



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Ajin 2 is the second half of the 22nd chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


Kei Nagai returns to Yamanaka's home informing her that he has been discovered that he needs to escape. The neighbors arrives at Yamanaka's home demanding that she opens the door. She answers the door while Kei escapes through a back window only to be greeted by one of Yamanaka's neighbor.

The villagers head out to look for Kei but not before Kita questions whether Yamanaka knew Kei's true identity. After being confronted Yamanaka's neighbor Kei is being driven away by Yamanaka's neighbor informing him that Yamanaka already told him everything and that he didn't believe Kei was a monster. He goes on to say that he is planning on bringing Kei back to the government for his own safety. Kei quickly crashes the car and notice on a small tv in the car with Shou Fujiwaka labeling all Ajins as dangerous with no exceptions. Kei questions whether Sato is actually trying to make the country better for Ajins.

Nakano continues trying to escape the container when confronted by Kei who asks for his help in stopping Sato. Meanwhile the villagers give up searching the forest for the night.

Before Kei and Nakano are able to escape Kei gets a call from Yamanaka who has been taken hostage by Kita. Kita angrily threatens her and tells her that the reason he is hunting Kei is because he lost all of his money after investing in the Grant Pharmaceutical Company. Kei arrives in time to save her and kill Kita with his own shotgun. After being saved, Yamanaka says that Kei is acting how a real man should act.

Kei meets back up with Nakano after changing his clothes telling him that to escape they need to jump in the ocean. The chapter ended with the two jumping into the ocean together.

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