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The Chosen Man



Erabareta Otoko


Japanese: November 7, 2014 English: June 2, 2015



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The Chosen One is 23rd chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Satō introducing the second was with an assassination list containing 11 different names including Tosaki's name. The names on the list are people who were involved with the Ajin experiments.

After getting some food Kei and Nakano discuss options to defeat Satō. Kei points out that they had two cards in their hands, Kei's inteligence and their immortality and that they need a powerful ally.

After Nakano drives them to Satō's previous hideout Kei receives a message from a detective agency he went to before they jumped into the ocean. Kei informs him of Tosaki's situation arguing that he would make for a good ally.

Nakano questions what is so exciting and Kei thinks back to when Nakano tricked some drunk guys into giving them their car keys.

Meanwhile Sato's IBM kills their first target. He also puts up a video on the Ajin website informing people that the list is also a countdown and unless the government improves it's stance of oppression on Ajin before the end of the second wave, he will go on to the third and final wave where he will take over the country.

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