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Come with Me

Japanese: November 7, 2014 English: June 2, 2015



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Come With Me is the 24th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


That starts with a flashback to when Tosaki was with his fiancée to when she asked him to stop smoking so that he could be with her longer.

After the news spread of Satō killing two of his targets Tosaki met with his boss to discuss Sato. Tosaki points out that Sato was expanding his forces but Tokui was responds by pointing out that they still don't have any forces to take over the nation and that they will eventually be stopped.

During a meeting with the Ajin committee they discuss why Sato is so difficult to deal with. When Futoi questions why Tosaki was at the meeting, Tosaki points out that he is second from the bottom of the list and that he still has time. Sokabe interrupts to inform everyone that Kishi has been assassinated despite being at the bottom of the list. Tosaki immediately realizes that he doesn't have as much time as he thought he did.

Later on Kei Nagai calls Tosaki informing him that he was on the way to hospital using the stolen car and Tosaki immediately rushes after him. On the way to hospital room Kō Nakano confesses to Kei that he can't create his own IBM and that the first time he saw one was at the front of the health and ministry building. Kei tells him that he should hide so he wouldn't cause trouble.

Tosaki confronts Kei right in front of Ai's hospital bed where he proposes an alliance to take down Sato. At first Tosaki declines but Kei points out that they were in the same situation and that he and Nakano can become Tosaki's immortal soldiers. Tosaki eventually agrees with Kei's proposal.

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