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Japanese: June 5, 2015 English: August 25, 2015



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Genius...?! is the 26th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Kei discussing his IBM with Ogura. Kei asks Ogura why his IBM often acts so violent and Ogura tells him that this is most likely due to Kei's influence and informs him that if he wants to change his IBM's behaviour he needs to change himself. Kei retorts that people don't change that easily. Manabe then interrupts them telling Kei that Tosaki wants to see him. As Kei walks past Manabe he notices that he is wearing ear plugs as a precaution against Kei's scream.

Tosaki notifies everyone on the plan to defeat Sato revealing that it's going to be an illegal plan that involves ambushing Sato when he attacks a target. Tosaki goes on to infrom that the he found two suitable candidates, Li Naomi and Kai Keiichi, who both work at forge security which works well as a battle ground. When Kei points out that the other side has more Ajins, Nakano retorts arguing that since Izumi is a women she shouldn't fight. Izumi explains to Nakano that she doesn't intend to neglect her job.

Later on, Ogura further explains more mechanics of Ajin explaining that Ajins can make simultaneous IBMs but it's more effective using one and the reason why IBMs don't regenerate when colliding with another IBM. Kei and Nakano have some shooting practice with Suzumura and Kuroki where Kei proves to be surprisingly efficient with a gun.

Later that evening, Kei tries to approach Manabe who was immediately on guard against him. After seeing his behaviour Kei left Manabe. A short time later, Hirasawa approaches Kei asking Kei if there is something he needs which Kei responds that it was that it was fine if he didn't have the information. Hirasawa asks him whether he feels lonely and if he feels that he needs to change himself which greatly shocks Kei. Kei retorts telling Hirasaw that he makes prefect sense and that he doesn't need to change which Hirasawa agrees with. Hirasawa compares Kei to Nakano saying that Nakano is the type of person who is good at gaining people's trust but on the battlefield they need to cut off their emotions and that Kei is fine the way that he is. Before Hirawa leaves, Kei tells him about his father who, due to this emtions, lost everything and insisted that he is nothing like him

Some time later, Nakano approaches Kei asking whether there is a way to die that feels good due to Ogura's explanation to Nakano that the best way to manefest his IBM is to die a ton. Kei explains to Nakano that the most painless way to die is by hanging himself. Nakano comments on how amazing Kei is to be able to die without hesitation or fear.

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