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Izumi Shimomura 2

下村 泉 2


Shimomura Izumi 2


Japanese: June 5, 2015 English: August 25, 2015



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Izumi Shimomura 2 is the second half of the 27nd chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


After her step father accidentally kills her, Izumi wakes up to find her injuries completely healed. She opens the door slightly to see her mother and step father arguing about what to do with Izumi. After Satoshi points out how much money they can make, Izumi watches her mother slowly walk away. After seeing this, Izumi leaves home and enters the service industry.

A few years she collapses due to an unknown disease and is brought to a hospital where she meets Tosaki. Tosaki informs her that both her parents are dead and shows her a recording revealing that Sawako stabbed Satoshi to protect her daughter before being stabbed back. In her final moments she apologises to her daughter. After learning the truth, Izumi cries mourning her mother.

Eventually Izumi dies but is quickly revived confirming that she is an Ajin. Standing at her mothers grave Tosaki reminds her of their new contract and that she needs a new name. She decides to take her birth father's last name, Shimomura, and her mother's maiden name, Izumi. She makes a promise to her mother's grave that she won't run away again.

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