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Japanese: November 6, 2015 English: February 23, 2016



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Listen is the 29th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Tosaki meeting up with Sokabe who gives him a file about a man who was seen near the health and ministry building the day the Ajins gathered and was currently missing. Tosaki thinks back the a conversation with Kei, who claimed that he had another Ajin friend who used to be a firefighter and that if something happened to him the other Ajin would kill Tosaki's fiancée. Sokabe tells Tosaki that there was a meeting today and Tosaki responds with saying that he needs permission to mobilise the Anti-Ajin unit and that he won't be coming to the meeting. Sokabe points out that Tosaki is being a bit too self righteous and that he should at least tell him about his hiding place. Tosaki quietly wonders why Kishi was found and then tells Sokabe that he will be coming to the meeting. Before leaving, Sokabe gives him one more file and tells him to be careful with this information.

During the meeting two IBMs attacked a killed the bodyguard before they had a chance to set off the sprinklers. They soon discover that Tosaki wasn't at the meeting. Wakai attempts to explain to the IBMs that Tosaki said that he was supposed to come before being killed by Takahashi's IBM. In a nearby car Tanaka angrily questions why Takahashi killed Wakai despite not being on the list.

Later that day, Tosaki watches the news about the attack which confirms his suspicions that there was a traitor. While loading a car Tosaki gets a phone call from Sokabe who tells him that after the today's incident, the minister decided to compromise with Sato and that all of committee's activities would be stopped. Afterwards, Tosaki tells Nagai this information who points out that this wouldn't be enough to stop Sato. Tosaki asks why Kei is so certain and Kei informs Tosaki that after their IBM heads collided he realised that Sato isn't a revolutionary or a tactician. He was a player and that a compromise would be a boring end for him.

Tosaki thinks back again to the conversation about Kei's Ajin ally where Tosaki responded with a demand of his own. His demand was for Kei to control his IBM and kill the minister before he gets rid of him. Tosaki looks into the file Sokabe gave him revealing that Sato was a former marine.

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