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Escape and Threat



Tōsō to kyōi ni tsuite


Japanese: March 7, 2013 English: October 14, 2014



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Escape and Threat is the third chapter of the manga Ajin: Demi-Human, written by Tsuina Miura and Illustrated by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter starts with Sato observing and commentating over the footage the researchers recorded while conducting experiments on Tanaka, before typing something into the computer and bringing up his file.

We then see Kei and Kaito as the story cuts to the two of them on Kai's motorcycle, Kei worried because of his face being broadcast everywhere and him being easier to spot during the day. Kaito say that they'll reach "The Hideout" if they keep following the road but are interrupted when another motorcyclist passes them on the road. He stops and chases after them revealing that he intends to capture Kei.

Afterwards the story cuts to Kei's mother being interrogated by Tosaki in her home, before he leaves, saying to Izumi who was waiting outside that there was no valuable information given. They walk outside and Izumi tells him that a woman was reported to have heard and Ajin's scream up in the mountains. Because of this, Tosaki realizes that the cooperator is just an amateur and probably an average person as a professional wouldn't make that kind of mistake.

Sato In The Crowd

While they continue their conversation, Tosaki is stopped dead in his tracks as he spots Sato in the crowd of people outside Kei's House. Rather than go after him, Tosaki stops Izumi who was about to give chase, instead messaging somebody on his phone and telling them that he needs specialized forces action to deal with Sato.

Back to Kei and Kai, it is revealed that they are still being chased by The Motorcycle Rider. Kai asks Kei to use his voice in order to stop the motorcyclist, asking him to cover his ears while he does it so that they don't crash, to which he agrees. The Rider comes along side them on the road but Kei doesn't use his scream as The Rider would most certainly die when going at such high speeds.

The Rider kicks Kai and Kei of the road causing them to crash, Kaito ending up face-down in the water and Kei in some ditch. The Rider comes to collect Kei, who is angry at his friend's apparent death, but Kai comes to the rescue, grabbing a rock and smashing The Rider in the face through his helmet before punching him once.

Kei is surprised by Kaito being alive, before Kai says that he was simply playing dead and that they should escape on The Rider's bike. Kei informs him however that his legs are broken and will probably never work again so he should just leave. Kai refuses and while he gets the bike ready, Kei realises that if he kills himself, the damage will be repaired. He slits his neck with a knife The Rider had on hand before telling Kai that he's all healed.

Cut to Tanaka and Sato, who says that as long as the people are scared of what they as Ajin are capable of, they'll back off and not take any drastic action. Tanaka asks what they're to do now and Sato says that they need to meet up with Kei, asking Tanaka if he will help him accomplish this.

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