Chapter 31
Don't say "lazy"

Japanese: November 6, 2015 English: February 23, 2016



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Don't Say Lazy is the 31st chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Kei's group arriving at the forge security building where they are greeted by Kai Keiichi. Kai directs them to an elevator where they can secretly go straight to the 15th floor. Hirasawa asks Tosaki whether he can be trusted and Tosaki replies no but however he wasn't the type of man to cower when attacked.

Li Naomi explains to Tosaki and Izumi the layout out of the building and all of the security measures that are currently in place. When Tosaki questions why a secretary is on the list, she confesses that it is understandable that she is a target.

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