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Don't say "lazy" 2

Japanese: November 6, 2015 English: February 23, 2016



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Don't say "lazy" 2 is the second half of the 31st chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


Kei's group are relaxing on the 15th floor waiting for Sato's attack. Kō Nakano impatiently asks Tosaki when Sato is supposed to arrive and Tosaki tells him to not to get so excited but not to become like Kei who doesn't look excited enough. Nakano tries asks Kei is he is alright like that but Hirasawa tells Nakano that Kei is better like that.

Later on, Kei is relaxing on the bench when Nakano interrupts him and asks him if he's scared. Kei tells Nakano this is their only chance to take Sato down and confesses that he is scared. Suddenly Sato arrives with an attack helicopter and kills Nakano catching Kei completely by surprise. Everyone except for Izumi is shot by Sato. She throws Kei a gun before being dragged away by Sato's IBM.

Kei questions what's he supposed to do until he suddenly gets a phone call telling him to go on the roof. After reaching the roof, Kei spots Kai who tells him to jump. Right before Kei jumps he realises that this was all just a dream before being shot by Sato. Kei wakes up and goes back to sleep.

Several days later Tosaki notices that there was a fire warning in the security server room and Kei announces to everyone that Sato's group are coming

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