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Japanese: November 6, 2015 English: February 23, 2016



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Invincible is the 33rd chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


While going up the stairs, Takahashi uses his IBM to take out some more guards. Kōji Tanaka chastises Takahashi for using his IBM too early. Interrupting them Okuyama informs him two teams were trying to trap them in a pincer attack and tells them to take the team in the hallway.

After Tanaka and Takahashi duct tape their hand to their gun, they break down the door and begin shooting at guards. Thanks to Gen killing them after being hit with a tranquilliser, they kill all of the guards and move on. After Tanaka's group leave, Kei gets up after pretending to be dead with the rest of the guards notices that Sato wasn't with them.

Kei meets up with Nakano informing him of Sato's absence and that they need him to be here since they won't get another shot. Nakano questions why they need to be dressed up and Kei points out to him that they don't want the person behind the security cameras to know that they are here and that the slightest abnormality was a sign that the attack had begun.

After entering the mechanical room, Kei tells Tosaki that Sato was absent and that he was going to drag Sato to the building. Kei then sits in front of a giant fan.

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