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Splinter Cell



Supurintā Seru


Japanese: May 6, 2016

English: October 18, 2016



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Splinter Cell is the 34th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Ogura's explanation on why Ajins can see IBMs.

Kei emits IBM particles which get sucked up by the fan. When Kō Nakano asks Kei what they have to do after this, Kei replies that this is all they need to do and that the plan was extremely simple. Kei tells him that after after 15 floors Tanaka's group are going to become careless and won't realise that they are trapped in a cage until they're already deep inside of it. After listens to Kei's explanations, he apologises for what he said earlier about him.

Meanwhile in the presidents room, Kai Keiichi hears Tanaka's group getting closer and proceeds to hide himself in a safe room. Manabe questions whether Li Naomi knew about the safe which she denies but promises not to run away. Niaomi thinks back to when she learned that Tanaka was being experimented on. Tanaka pleads for her to save him but she was too frightened to take action.

Tanaka's group manages to reach the 15th floor. Due to a signal jammer Okuyama loses contact with Tanaka but Tanaka decides to proceed anyway. Okuyama notices that there's a fire alarm on the tenth floor and spots Kei Nagai. He attempts to warn Tanaka but to no avail and decides to leave Sato a message. Okuyama thinks back to something he noticed on the camera and rewinds and spots a floating tranquilliser gun. He realises it's a trap before being shot by Izumi's IBM. Tosaki informs the others that they have regained control of the security room and turns on the ventilation system.

Meanwhile Tanaka's group reach the presidents room and prepares to kill their target but Tanaka begins to hesitate after she tearfully apologises for what she did. Suddenly the room begins filling up with IBM particles, Tanaka quickly realises that this was due to Kei. Blinded by the IBM particles Hirasawa's group easily shoot the Ajins with tranquillisers. Kei is informed that the plan was a success.

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