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The Man Trap 2

Japanese: May 6, 2016

English: October 18, 2016



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The Man Trap 2 is the second half of the 35th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


Hirasawa's group are waiting in the presidents room when Manabe returns a gun he got from him and confesses to everyone that he plans on retiring once the battle is over. Suzumura tells Manabe that he enjoys what he does and that he isn't going to have a change of heart now and Kuroki simply says that he didn't care along as it paid.

After Sato chops off his own hand he visits and lumber yard where he kills one of the workers and tells another that he wants to borrow a piece of machinery.

Meanwhile Tosaki begins to questions whether or not Sato will actually arrive and how much Kei's involvement actually meant to him. Kei confesses to Tosaki that when he and Sato's IBMs collided heads he believe that they also swapped mental states and that he could feel Sato's sense of euphoria and interest in him.

Outside the building Sato's fried chicken wings are successfully delivered and was X-rayed. While this is happening the worker turns on a wood chipper and Sato informs him that he is about to see something fascinating and that Ajins regenerate from the largest chunk of flesh. He jumps into the wood chipper and regenerates from his severed hand which had been delivered into the building.

Kei hears a noise and quickly realises what Sato had just done.

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