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Japanese: May 6, 2016

English: October 18, 2016



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Shadow Run is the 37th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The police receive information that Sato had been spotted and quickly made the decision to use tranquillisers. Sato confronts a group of police officers armed with tranquillisers and takes them out using a painting he had found and the glass wall. He hears more people coming and gets out a knife preparing to confront them with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Kei is getting conflicting information regarding Sato's location due to Aoshima's interference. Kei decides to go to where Tanaka's group was currently being held.

Sato arrives at Tanaka's location and revives him. Tanaka attempts to warn Sato of Kei's strategy but Sato stops him as it would spoil the surprise. Sato instructs Tanaka to escape and clean out the hide away before taking a gun and leaving.

On the way to Tanaka's location, Kei asks Tosaki what the status on the building's electricity. The staff informs them that they don't know how long it will take for the power to be restored. Kei instructs Tosaki not to move and reminds him of what happens if everything ends in failure.

Kei arrives to see Tanaka's group attempting to escape. Tanaka immediately begins shooting at Kei and Nakano and managed to hit Nakano in the stomach. After being informed that Sato was heading to the presidents room, Hirasawa's team decides to move to the hallway. Naomi asks what she should be doing and Hirasawa simply tells her to stay out the way.

Outside of the nap room, Tanaka continues shooting at Kei and Nakano and tells Takahashi and Gen to leave as he has something he wants to do. Nakano prepares a tranquilliser gun and steps into the hallway and almost gets decapitated by Tanaka's IBM. In an attempt to protect a civilian Nakano headbutts Tanaka's IBM and gets stabbed in the process. Remembering his IBM's hatred of Nakano, Kei summons his IBM who takes out Tanaka's IBM while attempting to kill Nakano again. Kei's IBM prepares to kill the civilian that Nakano protected but Nakano used a claw of Tanaka's IBM to take out Kei's IBM. Kei notices that Tanaka had already escaped. Kei questions Nakano's reckless and Nakano responds that he understands what it means to die.

Tosaki orders Izumi wait for Sato at the stairs. Izumi reminds him that Sato may still go to the security room but he still insists regardless. Izumi decides to go the south stairs while Kei and Nakano go to the north stairs. Nakano questions what the current plan is and Kei confesses there is no current plan. Unbeknownst to Kei and Nakano, one of the workers was recording their fight on a mobile phone.

Once arriving at the stairs, Izumi is greeted by Tanaka.

While going up the stairs Nakano asks about the earlier conversation with Tosaki. Kei informs him of their last resort, where they lock up the entire building and keep trying to capture Sato until they succeed but he wasn't going to let it come to that.

Meanwhile, Sato arrives on the 15th floor and is about to battle against Hirasawa's group.

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