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Battlefield Hardline



Batorufīrudo Hādorain


Japanese: May 6, 2016

English: October 18, 2016



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Battlefield Hardline is the 38th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


While continuing to go up the stairs Kei notices several dead bodies and notes that Sato has been through the area. At the top he notices something and looks shocked.

While waiting for Sato ,Suzumura asks Hirasawa why he took the job and if he has a family. Hirasawa responds that he forgot why he took the job and that he hasn't seen his family in a long time. A few moments later Sato comes around the corner using the painting a shield again but Hirasawa shoots through the painting and hits him in the knee. Hirasawa quickly drags himself around the corner and kills himself while noting that they aren't security. Hirasawa decides the best way to neutralise Sato is to switch between continually killing him and using a tranquilliser as the situation demands until Sato is captured. Sato notes that most soldiers aren't prepared to step into combat but Hirasawa's group is different and that the current battle is more exciting than when he took on the SAT. He. Sato takes out his phone preparing to fight.

On the 14th floor, Izumi is confronted by Tanaka who tells her that he isn't going to hold back against her. He tells her that he was in the experiment facility for 10 years until Sato rescued him. He asks her how she can believe what they did to him wasn't wrong but Izumi points out that he doesn't believe what he is doing is right either. Tanaka summons his IBM and Izumi does the same. Izumi's IBM dodges Tanaka's strike but slips and begins falling down the stairs. Seeing this Tanaka shoots a tranquilliser dart at Izumi but she leaps out of the way. Tanaka's IBM dashes towards Izumi and damages her left arm but she manages to flip the IBM with her right and shoots Tanaka in his chest with a tranquilliser dart.

Kuroki prepares a fire extinguisher to defend against Sato's IBM. Sato sees this with his phone and cheerfully tells them that he isn't going to waste his IBM as it would be less fun. Hirasawa and Manabe go around to attack Sato while Sato is

duct taping his hand to a nearby pole. He come out from the corner and begins shooting but is quickly shot in the head. Suzumura and Kuroki begin continually killing Sato but due to his Ajin abilities he is dragged back around the corner so he can reconnect with his severed hand. While Suzumura and Kuroki are still in the hallway Sato shoots at the two of them and manages to hit Kuroki in the neck. Before Sato is able to finish them both Hirasawa shoot Sato with a tranquilliser dart and he is forced to kill himself. Once revived Sato retreats to a near by room. Before dying, Kuroki gives Suzumura his gun and tells him "see ya" before slumping against the wall. Suzumura reports that one has died.

Kei hears this while being confronted by police who have discovered his identity.

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