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Battlefield Hardline 2

バトルフィールドハードライン 2


Batorufīrudo Hādorain 2


Japanese: October 6, 2016

English: April 6, 2017



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Battlefield Hardline: 2 is the 39th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


Kei and Nakano are being confronted by four policeman who have discovered Kei's identity. The police officers are about to neutralise Kei with their tranquilliser, when a nearby worker gets paralysed by Kei's scream. This distraction allowed Kei to take Nakano hostage as the police were unaware of Nakano's identity. Kei quickly explains his plan to Nakano and shoots Nakano in the leg. Kei gets hit by a tranquilliser dart and collapses while telling Nakano that he is counting on him.

Hirasawa's group are about to enter the room that Sato is currently in preparing to engage him once more, while Sato is hiding behind one of the pillars in the room.

After Izumi successfully shoots Tanaka in the chest with a tranquilliser dart, she slowly approaches his seemingly unconscious body to confirm whether he is actually asleep. When she is about to confirm that he was asleep she was slammed into the wall by Tanaka's IBM. She quickly realises that Tanaka was only pretending to be asleep and that his bulletproof vest was too thick for the tranquilliser dart. Izumi's IBM attempts to take out Tanaka's IBM but it manages to dodge and slams their heads together which takes destroys both IBMs. After reloading, Tanaka successfully hit Izumi with a tranquilliser dart and handcuffs her to the railing on the stairs. As he begins walking away, Izumi revives after dying due to her injuries and he proceeds to shoot her with another tranquilliser dart. The nearby workers recorded Izumi's revival and gawk in amazement. Tanaka angry at their reactions begins to turn back.

After Kei loses consciousness, a worker begins to check Nakano's injuries. Once the police officers come close enough, Nakano takes out two tranquilliser darts from his bag and stabs two officers with them. Before the other officers realise what is happening, Nakano takes out a gun and shoots Kei to revive him. One of the officers retaliate by shooting Nakano but is soon taken out by a tranquilliser dart by Kei. The last officer also begins shooting Kei but is also taken out by a tranquilliser dart from Nakano. After neutralising all of the police officers Kei prepares to shoot Nakano.

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