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Battlefield Hardline 3

バトルフィールドハードライン 3


Batorufīrudo Hādorain 3


Japanese: October 6, 2016

English: April 6, 2017



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Battlefield Hardline: 3 is the 40th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Manabe opening door and Suzumura shooting inside with the gun he got from Kuroki. Sato takes cover behind a pillar, while Hirasawa and Manabe goes to the other side of the room and takes cover behind another pillar. Sato fires several shots back at Suzumura who takes cover. Manabe sees this opportunity and tries shooting a tranquilliser dart at Sato, who blocks the dart with his arm. Sato immediately attempts to kill himself but is out of bullets and collapses.

They report to Kei that the target is asleep but Kei is skeptical. Hirasawa asks Manabe if he caught Sato by surprise which he denies, he confesses that their eyes met and Sato could've dodged it. Kei asks them to look at his throat, pointing out that people don't swallow as often when they are asleep. Hirasawa spots him swallowing and immediately tries to shoot him in the head but only clips his ear. Sato fires back at Hirasawa and Manabe who takes cover behind the pillar. Sato hides behind the pillar and pulls up his sleeve to reveal and cloth that slowed down the tranquilliser's effects. He cuts of the cloth and shoots himself in the head. Suzumura sees the blood splatter and attempts to go around the pillar to shoot Sato but Sato had already arrived and shoots Suzumura twice in the chest. Suzumura still manages to shoot the gun out of Sato's hand and damages it in the process. Hirasawa and Manabe begin shooting at Sato again and he is forced to take cover again. While attempting to take out another gun with his undamaged hand, it gets shot out of again by Suzumura, who is still on the ground next to him. Hirasawa appears behind Sato and finally hits Sato in the back of the neck with a tranquilliser dart. Seeing both of his hands damaged Sato is forced to use his IBM to attempt to kill himself but before did anything, the sprinklers turn on which stops the IBM's movement.

Hirasawa's group notes that he is definitely asleep and there isn't any more tricks he can use against them. Despite this Kei is still skeptical and tries to think of anything else he Sato can still do. Hirasawa and Manabe goes to stop Sato's bleeding to ensure he didn't die from blood loss. Hirasawa asks Suzumura about his condition. Suzumura informs him that since Sato hit him in the chest and only broke a few ribs. Suzumura goes to stand guard while Hirasawa and Manabe continues to treat his injuries. Kei thinks to himself that Tanaka wouldn't be able to do anything on his own.

He thinks of a possibility but quickly denies it believing that he was the only one who could do it. At that moment Sato's IBM announces "play ball" and stabs Suzumura in the chest and slams him against one of the pillars. Everyone is shocked that Sato's IBM is capable of moving on its own. Kei begins sprinting up the stairs and orders Tosaki to lock all of the exits and to destroy the system. Sato's IBM slams Suzumura onto the ground and raises it's fist. Knowing that he was about to die, Suzumura smiles and tells the IBM to "bring it on". Meanwhile Manabe dashes for extinguisher and prepares to use it but before he had the chance, Sato's IBM leaps off the wall and bites Manabe's face while leaping into the pool. Manabe tried shooting the IBM repeatedly with his gun until he eventually collapses. Sato's IBM climbs out of the pool and begins to ignore Hirasawa and sits next to Sato's sleeping body. Hirasawa shoots into the air attempting to attract the IBM's attention but it chooses to kill Sato by stabbing him in the chest with his hand. Seeing this Hirasawa attempts to shoot Sato but the IBM blocks him with its body. After fully revive, Sato grabs a nearby gun and attempts to shoot Hirasawa but Hirasawa is saved by Kei, who grabs Hirasawa while jumping out of the way. Hirasawa hits his head against the wall and loses consciousness. Before Kei is able to shoot Sato, Sato shoots him in the head. Sato notices Nakano attempting to catch him by surprise with a tranquilliser dart but he easily dodges it and picks up a nearby tranquilliser gun and shoots Nakano in the leg. Kei Nagai gets up and attempts to shoot Sato again. Sato questions how much of what happened was part of Kei's plan and blocks Kei's tranquilliser dart before knocking Kei out with a punch to the face.

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