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Japanese: October 6, 2016

English: April 6, 2017



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Fight is the 43rd chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with Kei being revived after falling to his death. His is immediately swarmed by the media questioning if he's working with Sato. Before the police has a chance to arrest Kei, Nakano arrives with a stolen broadcasting truck. Nakano asks how they plan to pick up Hirasawa but Kei informs him that Hirasawa has died.

After ditching the stolen broadcasting truck, Kei begins to walk off and when question by Nakano, Kei confesses that he is done. At that moment it begins raining heavily. Kei clarifies that after failing to stop Sato he is giving up living a civilised life and instead going to live in the mountains or sea, far away from society and Sato. Nakano points out that situation will get even worse if they don't stop Sato but Kei points out that everything will be blamed on Ajins as a whole and that it's better to run now. Nakano angrily asks if Kei is running away which Kei confirms and explains to him that the country is at fault for failing to stop Sato. Nakano attempts to point out how many people will die but Kei retorts that people are constantly dying everywhere and that he would put himself first ahead of tens of thousands of people. Nakano angrily punches Kei who falls onto the ground and shouts that those were people's lives he was talking about. Kei kicks Nakano's legs which causes him to fall on the ground and points out lives aren't equal and that he also weighs the lives of others on a scale on the back of his mind, using the deaths of Hirasawa and Keiichi as examples. Kei finishes by shouting that Nakano doesn't have any right to criticise Kei when he isn't any better. Nakano admits Kei is correct but he still wants to stop Sato. Nakano confesses that the first time he died was when he fell on his head and was unable to move for several days. The entire time he wondered if he was really need and now when someone was counting on him that he will do his best to live up to their expectations. He admits that he's an idiot who can't do anything on his own and the reason who got this far was because of Kei. Nakano tearfully begs to Kei to help him and little longer but Kei tells him that it was none of his business. Nakano questions if Kei is angry at Hirasawa's group's death but Kei tells him to shut up while walking with tears in his eyes.

The following day everyone who was trapped inside the forge security building was rescued. Meanwhile, Kei decides that before running away he will call his mother.

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