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Blood Relations





April 7, 2017

October 10, 2017



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Blood Relations is the 44th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


After the battle in the forge security building ended a video was uploaded of Nakano fighting an IBM was uploaded which continues to damage Ajin's reputation further.

After deciding to run away, Kei finds a phone booth and calls his mother. Ritsu was watching a news report, in the hospital, featuring Shou Fujiwaka discussing Kei's appearance at the forge security building, when there is announcement that there is a call from her younger brother. After learning who was calling her she harshly criticises Kei for his actions and comments on how suspicious the option to live in state custody sounds. She goes on to questions his actions at the forge security building asking if he's working with Satō and tells him that he should stop as it is unproductive. Kei tells her that he isn't working with Sato and she quickly realises that he was actually fighting against him and calls him an idiot for fighting against him despite being his age. She strongly advises him that he should stop but Kei interrupts her confirming that he has already stopped and is planning on running away. She assures him that running is the correct decision but questions why he is calling her. She tells him that she is aware that she has a duty to protect him but as a mother there is nothing she can do to help and instead will protect Eriko from potential danger. Kei admits that he is aware of this but Ritsu still insist that he should still do what he needs to do. Kei hangs up commenting that she is the same as ever.

Ritsu goes to Eriko's room and informs her that she was talking to Kei. Eriko asks what Kei has been doing and Ritsu casually answers that Kei was fighting some terrorists but Eriko refuses to believe mother due to Kei's seemingly cold personality. Ritsu informs her daughter that Kei takes after her and that she takes after her father who is extremely emotional. She tells her that people such as Eriko may see Kei as cold but he's simply a rational person. She explains that the reason he stopped taking to Kai when he was young was for the sake of someone closer the him. His younger sister. Eriko questions what is wrong with caring for everyone. Ritsu answers that caring for someone isn't just caring thoughts but to actually be capable of taking action and making things happen, and that it may be necessary to cut off anything extraneous despite personally feelings. Ritsu explains that Kei is picking what he cares about and putting everything he has to what he can do about it, and that it's wrong to condemn people like Kei by simply dismissing them as cold. After chastising her daughter, Ritsu quickly reassures Eriko that she isn't rejecting her way of thinking and that way of thinking is what made her fall in love with her former husband in the first place. Eriko tearfully questions what will happen to Kei and Ritsu informs her that Kei told her that he will run away but she suspects that he won't due to Kei also taking after his father slightly. Ritsu hopes to herself that Kei will survive by his own decisions and not anyone else's.

Meanwhile, Kei reaches the ocean but thinks back to everything that happened and decides to turn back.

Later, Okuyama informs Sato that the health ministry wanted to set up a secret meeting. Okuyama questions how long Sato will keep doing what he is doing and he answers until he dies.

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