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U and I

April 7, 2017

October 10, 2017



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U & I is the 45th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins in the past when Tosaki and Ai were dating, Ai confesses to Tosaki that she can't stand stuffy restaurant and jokingly asks if he was going to propose. She tells him that if he's going to propose he should propose at a beef bowl shop but quickly tells him that she was only joking. Tosaki pulls out a ring asking if the park bench they were sitting on was better. He tells her that he wants to protect her no matter what it takes and asks her to marry him.

In the present, Tosaki arrives at the hospital after being informed during the forge security battle that Ai had passed away. Tosaki arrives where Ai's dead body layer on a hospital bed and apologizes for being late. He kneels beside her and takes her hand asking if the promise she made to him was a lie. Tosaki confesses to her that he has to leave and that he's done a lot of things that would make her angry but he was going to settle them. He kisses her goodbye saying that they'll always be together and leaves behind the ring he proposed with before walking away.

Right after Tosaki tries to propose to Ai she rejects him telling him that she needs to repay her parent's debt first. She apologizes for being selfish and tells him that she doesn't want anyone to telling her that she married Tosaki for the money. Tosaki accepts her reasoning with a gentle smile. After wiping away her tears, Ai mocking mocks Tosaki's attempted proposal, Tosaki tries rebutting her by asking if she is really going to say that after she rejected him. Ai then reminds him of when he told her "no matter what" and asks if he is going to do anything bad but Tosaki immediately denies this. Ai confesses to him that she doesn't want to live as a burden on others.

After Tosaki leaves the hospital, he is confronted by Sokabe who tells him that he has been looking for him. Sokabe explains that he wished to discuss the meeting with Sato but since he was unable to contact him for several days he did some research and concluded that he may be able to find Tosaki at the Sakura General Hospital. Sokabe questions whether the person that Tosaki was looking after had passed away and points out that since she's gone Tosaki should vacate his position to him. Tosaki explains that with the loss of Ajin and the behind the scenes activities have been halted, Sokabe wouldn't be able to profit as much from it but Sokabe could still be satisfied with his leftovers, comparing him to a rat.

Sokabe brings up "Yoko Tainaka" and points out the connection to Izumi Shimomura. He also brings up Kō Nakano and the fire fighter he was asked to look into. Sokabe tells him that he will become important he will become important one day. Tosaki just simply notes that even rats can dream.

Tosaki arrives at his car where Izumi was waiting for him. Izumi asks if he isn't stopping which he confirms and takes several mints into his mouth before being driven away.

Manabe wakes up in the hospital with bandages on his face. He quickly unlocks his handcuffs before walking away.

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