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Good Morning, See You Tomorrow



Ohayō, mata ashita


April 7, 2017

October 10, 2017



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Good Morning, See You Tomorrow is the 46th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins approximately twenty months earlier (three days after the Shinya Nakamura incident), in Maryland USA, a woman wakes up, puts on her glasses and prepares for work.

In the unknown facility, a pair of scientists study Yūsuke's corpse that they received from Japan. One of them points out that even though Yūsuke was shot in the chest the cause of death was cardiac arrest and that the gun shot wounds were healed. He theorised that Yūsuke was on the threshold of becoming an [[Ajin (Race)}Ajin]] but it is unknown if he could've been revived using CPR at that time. He points out that two of the five threshold cases in the US were sighted in the vicinity of a flood and that these phenomena are a hint about how Ajins are born but Ikuya Ogura arrives claiming that the law of the universe doesn't apply to Ajins. Smith retorts, telling Ogura that while he likes Harry Potter, Ogura should go work at Disney instead. At that moment a woman interrupts, trying to correct Smith, informing him that Harry Potter was made by Warner instead of Disney. She then proceeds to drag Ogura out of the room telling him that he needs to sign some papers.

They sit down in a smoking together where Ogura signs several documents. Ogura comments that the budget is being cut every year because the higher ups have realised that Ajins are beyond the reach of modern science. Jim enters the room angrily venting that the store was out of American Spirits. The woman points out that they might not want him smoking too much since they have tests later this week but Jim points out that he's an Ajin. Jim notes the brand of cigarettes Ogura smokes. Ogura explains that they are Japanese and that they are stopping production soon. The woman tries to point out that this would be a good opportunity to quite but Ogura tells her that he already has multiple cartons stored up. Ogura confesses that he has a feeling that when he finishes smoking the cigarettes he has left that's when he'll die. Jim tells him that he should hurry up and die so he can come back to life and join the world of caged birds. Jim then leaves the room saying that he's going to sleep. Ogura comments that all developed countries takes all known Ajin into custody and is then isolated in a facility. After being asked about the current state of Japan, Ogura confesses that he doesn't know the current state since he hasn't been back since Tanaka was taken into custody and Japan is lagging behind in Ajin research, and no one with any power cares about them. Ogura explains that after the leaked video of the US military experiments with Ajin, along with the existence of IBMs, that many countries are struggling to publicly address the existence of Ajin. The woman comments that it must be tough for him but Ogura denies this and claims that people will eventually realise that Ajin are just simply interesting.

Smith enters the room to take a smoking break. Ogura explains to Smith what he believes that flood phenomenon is and that IBMs are influenced by the Ajins emotions but Smith counters by pointing out that emotions are just electrical signals in the brains and shouldn't have any effect on the IBMS. Ogura tells Smith that the logic of the universe doesn't apply to Ajin. Smith dismisses Ogura argument and promises Ogura that he will find out what has happened to his own body before leaving.

After signing the remaining papers, Ogura asks the woman about her current situation. She explains that while she misses her family, she's happy that she's become fluent in English and that she's always wanted to live overseas. She explains that the day she died, she had been reading a book that morning, and decided to leave the last forty pages for the next day however she got involved in a random street attack where two others died along with her. After she was taken into custody she had numerous tests done but eventually got to finish her book which though was incredible. She then leaves to go submit the reports and as she was leaving Ogura thinks to himself about how the American researchers wanted her since she they didn't have a female Asian Ajin at the time. The first official Ajin in Japan, Jun Suzuki.

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