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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

April 7, 2017

October 10, 2017



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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the 47th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with a flashback of Sato right after he was dishonourably discharged from the Marines. Sato was casually playing pac man at an arcade when a Chinese man came up to him and told Sato that he was his uncle. Sato's uncle explains that his business involved some criminal activity and that he wanted Sato's experience for when he branches out into new countries. Sato turned his uncle down informing him that the new pac man was about to be released but one of the bodyguards stopped him and explains that the country he is going to created pac man and along with many other games. After his explanation, Sato starts to become interested in Japan.

In the present, Sato's group are coming up with demands to present to the health minister. Takahashi begins to make jokes but Tanaka scolds him, telling him to be serious and labels him a junkie. Sato asks Okuyama to give him a layout of the meeting and contemplates on how to bring a weapon in case they are betrayed but Tanaka shuts down the idea not wanting anymore bloodshed. Tanaka then angrily leaves the room.

Back in the past, Sato is casually playing games while at one of his uncle's meeting. His uncle begins to berate his behaviour when several men in masks arrive outside and begin shooting through the window and kill several people at the meeting. When they begin checking for survivors, Sato steals one of their guns and begins killing the masked men. The last survivor becomes scared of Sato and attempts to run away but Sato picks up and a large knife and throws it into his back. He looks at this the corpse of his uncle and notes that he had lost his meal ticket.

Right after Tanaka left the room, Sato confronts Tanaka and explains how he first learned of Tanaka's circumstances before he rescued him, describing it as destiny. Tanaka voices his doubts about Sato but Sato assures him that they are reaching the end soon and they can't lose focus yet. Tanaka tells Sato that there won't be any more killing which Sato agrees with. Unbeknownst to Tanaka, Takahashi and Gen are listening to their conversation.

Several years after his uncle's death, Sato is captured and pinned to a crate at a shipyard. A man asks if Sato has any last words and Sato wonders out loud if he got a highs score before being shot in the forehead, however, to everyone's shock Sato revived and quickly killed the man who just shot him. He notes that someone must have put in another coin before picking up the man's hat and preparing to fight.

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