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The Losers



Makeinu domo


April 7, 2017

October 10, 2017



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The Losers is the 48th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with a news report discussing a new Ajin control bill that was passed. Diet Member Himeko Tachibana explains that the list of unconfirmed Ajins will become public and insists that Ajins are a threat to society. The media then begins discussing whether the Prime Minister should dispatch SDF to stop Satō but the Prime Minster who is currently watching from a car dismisses this claiming that using the SDF forces against a single mass murderer would be unconstitutional.

Izumi and Tosaki return to the hideout after their loss at the Forge Security building. Izumi begins to ask Tosaki something but is interrupted by the arrival of Nakano who is relieved that they are both okay. Tosaki questions Kei's whereabouts but Nakano informs him that Kei has given up. Tosaki tells Izumi and Nakano that they should also quit and that he will fight on his own but both of them decline. Kei casually returns where he is immediately questioned by Tosaki about their next move. Kei explains that Satō will likely skip to the final wave and attempt to damage country's executive agencies, military, and press to destroy them in order to take over the country. Kei admits that they have no way of knowing what his next move will be so their best chance to capture him will be at the Ajin control meeting which will be their last chance. Tosaki informs Kei that the meeting is in 19 hours and asks if they have a chance of winning. Kei admits that they don't but they will still fight. Nakano questions Kei's lack of logic behind his actions but Kei explains that as long as they don't intervene they will have a 0% chance of winning and fighting to the end is a carefully considered way of maximizing their current 0% chance of winning and they will take down Satō. Meanwhile, the Ajin website uploads something online.

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