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Steep Road

スティープ ロード


Sutīpu rōdo


Japanese: September 7, 2017 English: May 8, 2018



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Steep Road is the 49th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with a flashback of right after Kei was born. The doctors attempt to revive a dying Kei with CPR but fails which results in his first death as an Ajin. The doctors hear him crying and believe that it's a miracle before handing Kei to his mother.

Kei, Nakano, and Izumi are preparing for their next battle with Satō while Tosaki is having a meeting with Colonel Kouma. Tosaki once again requests that Colonel Kouma deploys the Anti-Ajin Special Force for the upcoming battle but is once again denied due to orders from his superiors. The Colonel confesses that he realised after receiving after he received Anti-Ajin insignia that said "Anti-Ajin Human Special Forces" despite being a supposedly secret unit that his superiors never intended to use the unit but Tosaki points out that he wasn't the type of person to let such things affect their training. Before Tosaki leaves he tells Colonel Kouma that his actions have sent many people to hell but he doesn't regret him and asks if he's the same.

Back at the hideout, Kei is preparing the gun that Hirasawa gave him when Manabe suddenly arrives shocking Kei. Kei asks if Manabe will join them but he declines and tells Kei that he should quit too.

Satō's group also prepare to leave with Satō, Takahashi, and Gen preparing a cooler and Tanaka leaving behind his gun. The Minister and Sokabe also prepare to leave noting that Sokabe's generation will have a chance since Satō would've died by old age by then. Meanwhile, Tosaki arrives at the hideout to pick up his group including Ogura who requests that he'd be dropped off somewhere along the way. Tosaki asks about his cigarettes but Ogura informs him that he's on his last packet. At the same time, in a nearby phone booth, Manabe calls the requesting a seat but starts looking at his reflection reminiscing about Hirasawa before ripping off his bandages and leaving with a determined look. On the way to the meeting, Sokabe questions why the minister chose to hold the meeting at Iruma City. The minister explains that Iruma City is where everything started. The place that Kei was born, raised and died.

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