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Greater Cause





Japanese: May 7, 2018

English: September 10, 2018



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Greater Cause is the 54th chapter Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The SDF has become a battleground. Sato is runing amok, killing any group of soldiers that get in his way. The new leader of the latest wave of soldiers tells his subordinates to shoot without fear of friendly fire casualties. He says that they are soldiers fighting for the public good, and therefore must be willing to die for such a cause.

As the soldiers move forward and deeper into the chaos Sato has left behind, the leader realizes that Sato must have military experience because he is adept at aquiring weapons on-site, ie from dead soldiers. The deduces that Sato likely doesn't have a stash of weapons on hand because he is confident he can grab more from the soldiers he kills.

Sato meanwhile has cut off a soldiers finger in order to open a security door. Inside is an SDF armory full of military grade guns, ammo, grenades, etc.

"To think that none of those have ever seen action," Sato says to himself.

"What a waste."

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