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Fresh Start



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Japanese: June 7, 2013 English: December 9, 2014



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Fresh Start is the 6th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with a view of Kai's motorcycle, crashed into a wall and a narrator explaining what demi-humans are, before we see Kei wandering down a road. He arrives at a shrine that Sato and Tanaka picked as a meeting point as the priest is often not on the grounds before Tanaka pulls out a very large kitchen knife, much to Kei's shock.

The chapter cuts to Izumi and Tosaki in a car, conversing on the recent events of Izumi's fight with Tanaka and Eriko's kidnapping. Before Izumi can inform Tosaki of everything she knows however, he tells her to wait while he answers his phone, the caller being the police officer outside of Kei's home just after his manhunt began. The two have a brief conversation ending in Tosaki approving the use of tranquilizers in Kei's capture. When Izumi asks why he didn't approve of them in the first place, Tosaki say's he was using the police as bait to discover if Kei was a variant.

Back to Kei, Sato and Tanaka in the shrine, it is revealed that Tanaka "killed" sato with the kitchen knife in order to prove his legitimacy as an Ajin, before saying neither Tanaka or Kei need to do it due to their fame. After a series of of Kei's questions directed at Sato, he reveals that he has released Kei's sister as he only kidnapped her to contact Kei, before bowing his head to him and begging for forgiveness much to Kei's dismay. When Kei asks how they live, Sato says that he and Tanaka live a quiet life and that he does not view humanity as his enemy, unlike Tanaka.

Ajin church priest's mangled body

The church priest's mangled body

Before Kei can ask his third question about his black ghost, a tranquilizer dart flies past Sato. Before Kei can get away, he is shot and subsequently knocked unconscious. It is then revealed that Sato and Tanaka were in fact behind it(the shot being sent by tanaka's black ghost holding a sniper rifle), as Kei was a "Fail" to Sato as soon as he asked about his sister, showing that he hadn't fully disconnected himself from humanity. It is also revealed that Tanaka and Sato killed the priest who maintained the shrine, as there was a long shot of his mangled body hidden behind a wall.

There is a brief cut in the story where we see Kaito walking down a road on Kei's tail, holding a bottle of water. Tanaka asks what they should do with Kei, to which Sato says he needs to be educated, after which they hand him over to the government to be tortured and experimented on.

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