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Japanese: June 7, 2013 English: December 9, 2014



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Blindness is the 8th chapter of Ajin: Demi-Human, created by Gamon Sakurai.


The chapter begins with a monologue by one Nakajima, stating his shock at discovering that Kei is a Demi-Human. Back in reality, the story cuts to Nakajima in his apartment, watching a news broadcast that states Ikuya Ogura will be visiting the country due to Kei's capture. The doorbell sounds and Watanabe and one other of his friend say hello, asking him to come to school. Nakajima goes with them and has a short discussion about Kei's capture before heading to class.

While there, Nakajima's girlfriend Yuki asks to sit with him, and before the two engage in a proper conversation, Nakajima is distracted by a group surrounding Watanabe and asking about what Kei was like before his capture. While they begin bad mouthing Kei, one of the people asks what Kei was like as he went to the same school as him,to which Nakajima asks why they are being so cruel, calling them "obtuse" and saying that Demi-Humans have feelings.

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Feeling embarrassed after being called awkward, he exits the conversation and questions if he's the weird one, all while Yuki gives him an exasperated expression. Yuki asks if it's bothering him that much which Nakajima doesn't respond, and in the end gives up and just tells him not to fail his exam.

After hearing the word exam, a memory of Kei studying is triggered about the time Nakajima found him studying on his own. He remembers Kei saying it's to cure his sister's illness, which causes him to believe he's not the weird one. Standing up suddenly he tells Yuki that Kei doesn't deserve this, to which she says "if it's cause you care about a friend, then check".

Walking home, Nakajima takes a flier from a stranger as he contemplates his decision, and when home uses the internet to try and join an association fighting for Demi-Human rights. Several days pass as he spends all of his free time researching Demi-Humans, until one night he receives a call from Yuki asking him to come outside. When they meet, Yuki tells him that they're breaking up because he's spending all of his time worrying about people that never die, rather than studying for college with her. She starts crying and says that he should worry about demi-humans where she can't hear him, and walks away.

Nakajima walks home alone, not thinking about Kei once, and when he checks his computer for any messages sent by the Pro-Ajin Association, he discovers that the site hasn't been active for over a decade, causing him to give up on his cause. Looking at the flier he picks up, he discovers it is about a missing girl, and says "I don't care one whit about this kid. How are you supposed to care about just three demi-humans? I was the weird one".

The chapter cuts to Tosaki and one other, in front of a computer screen showing a list of peoples identities. When the man asks what it is, Tosaki explains that it is a list of all pro-ajin activists in Japan and shows a percentage of those that may cause trouble. Tosaki states that privacy concerns must be put aside, and no mercy must be shown.

The story cuts one last time to Sato, Tanaka and a Wainekozawa. The dealer hands Sato two black bags in exchange for a cooler full of organs, and the two part ways. When Sato meets up with Tanaka again in front of their car, he informs him that they will use the weapons they just bought to rescue Kei and put him in their dept. When Tanaka asks if Kei is worth the risk, Sato says no and that rescuing Kei is not the top priority.

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