David Anderson
Name David Anderson
Kanji デイビッド・アンダーソン
Rōmaji Deibiddo Andāson
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupations Bodyguard
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Voice Actor N/A
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David Anderson (デイビッド・アンダーソン, Deibiddo Andāson) was Ikuya Ogura's bodyguard who assisted him on multiple occasions.

Appearance Edit

Anderson had short, light hair and sharp eyes. David was almost always seen wearing sunglasses and a communication device on his right ear. He often carried a serious expression on his face.

Personality Edit

History Edit

When Ogura came to Japan, David ostensibly was accompanied as his body guard. He was part of the United States Department of Defense of the National Security Agency (NSA: National Security Agency) affiliation.


Ikuya Ogura - David was his bodyguard.

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