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What's That Stuff Have To Do With Us?



Bokura ni wa kankeinai hanashi

Japanese Air Date

January 16, 2016



Opening Song

Yoru wa Nemureru kai?

Ending Song


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What's That Stuff Have To Do With Us? is the first episode of the Ajin anime adaptation.


The episode starts with an intense shoot out. A group of people are targeting a lone shooter. One of them tries to withdraw but is forced back into the fight. He then manages to bring the lone shooter only for him to get back up. The shooter is then shot at from above and people come down and take him away.

An alarm clock rings and Kei shuts it off. He is then seen sitting at a table, writing. He then goes out and sits at the dining table and his mother tells him that she expects him to do well on his exam. He agrees and heads off. He walks to school with a few other people and see Kaito who waves at him. In school, the teacher explains about demi-humans and mentions their immortality. He explains that their existence was first discovered in Africa seventeen years ago and mentions an Ajin called 'Soldier of God'. There are currently 46 confirms demi-humans. Kei then asks if the demi-humans were humans to which he gets a negative answer.

Kei visits his sister in the hospital. He tries to talk to her about a grave they made for their dog in their childhood and she asks him about Kaito. He then asks him to leave after then tells her that he hasn't spoken to him in a while. While walking on the road, he gets hit by a truck in front of his classmates. Much to their shock, he gets up while his body heals rapidly. He tries to tell them that he's human and lets out a panicked scream that paralyses everyone at the site.

Later, while Kaito is returning home from school, a police officer asks him if he knew Kei but he denies it. He then runs off to look for him. Elsewhere, Kei is running and wonders where he should go and runs into the forest. In Kaito' house, he is seen packing things into a bag when he receives Kei' call. He tells him to calm down and tell him where he is and assures him that he could trust him. Kei is then found by a police officer and runs off but is saved by Kaito. He helps him up and they escape on his motorcycle.

Kei's identity is then announced on the TV and all over town.