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Episode 15.png
Everyone Around Here Is An Idiot



Nanka Mendokusakunatte Kita

Japanese Air Date

October 15, 2016



Opening Song

Boku wa Boku de Atte

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Sato changes his looks while his assistants buy airline tickets. Kei and Ko undergo physical training while Tosaki tries to devise a plan to catch and hold Sato. Izumi takes them to meet Ikuya Ogura who asks Kei to bring out his IBM and then carries out some tests. He confirms that the IBM does the opposite of what Kei tells it, that it can acts on its own impulses, but that not all IMBs behave in the same way, depending on the host person. Sato boards a plane carrying Kazuo Sakurai, one of his assassination targets, and smuggles a bag on board with the help of his assistant Okyuama's IBM. Once airborne, he kills the man and his guards, then detonates a bomb forcing the plane to land in the sea. Meanwhile during training, Kei cautions Ko against becoming too friendly with the Ministry’s troops as they may have to be sacrificed to capture Sato, surprising Ko with his apparent callousness. Later, Kei experiments alone with his IBM, but finds that it is more difficult to control than he thought.