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It's Sickening, Right?



Hedo ga Demasu ne

Japanese Air Date

October 29, 2016



Opening Song

Boku wa Boku de Atte

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Kaito's new moody teenage cellmate, Kotobuki Takeshi has escaped once in baffling circumstances, and 3 adult prisoners want to know how he did

it. He says he doesn't know, but they try to beat the information out of him. Kaito intervenes to help, and is badly beaten, receiving no assistance from Takeshi. Takeshi tells Kaito that he defends Takeshi against other prisoners at his own risk. TV news announces that Iwasaki Keita who was on Sato's list was killed with his bodyguards. Later, two more men on the list are also killed. Meanwhile Tosaki's team including Kei and Ko continue their physical and mental training. Douglas Almeida and Carley Myers arrive from the U.S. Department of Defense meet their Japanese counterparts to investigate the death of Professor Ogura who they believe was killed by Sato, but who is in fact still alive as part of Tosaki's plan. At the prison, the three adult inmates start beating Takeshi, and Kaito intervenes again to help. As Kaito is about to be choked to death, Takeshi activates his IBM to protect Kaito who now realizes that Takeshi is an Ajin. Takeshi offers to get Kaito out of prison if he wants to leave.