Episode 19
It's Tough Being A Dog



Kaiinu Wa Taihenda Na

Japanese Air Date

November 12, 2016



Opening Song

Boku wa Boku de Atte

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Summary Edit

As Shimomura lays bleeding to death in the car park, she thinks back to when her name was Yoko Tainaka and her stepfather sold her out as an Ajin. Sometime later, Tosaki revealed that her mother and stepfather died in a fight when her mother attacked her stepfather after Yoko fled the house. Meanwhile Almeida mercilessly tortures Tosaki to discover the whereabouts of Ogura but he won't talk. When she recovers, Shimomura tells Kei and the others what happened. Kei decides to move their hideout rather than rescue Tosaki to Shimomura's horror. She forcefully convinces Kei that she and Tosaki are necessary to defeat Sato, so they prepare a rescue plan. Kei's team raid the safe hideout where Tosaki is being held, but Almeida and Myers escape with him, while Almeida cruelly berates Myers for what he sees as her faults. Kei and the team give chase by car, but Almeida heads for the USA Embassy.

Characters Edit

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