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Kuro-chan, Just Once More, Please!



Kuro-chan, Mōichido Dake

Japanese Air Date

November 19, 2016



Opening Song

The End Of Escape

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Sato's group prepare to assassinate the Minister. While chasing Almeida, Kei sends his IBM ahead to intercept them which causes them to crash into the car driven by Shimomura and the chase continues on foot. Myers disables Shimomura, but while Almeida berates Myers again for her failings, Shimomura shoots him instead of Myers with a tranquilizer dart to shut him up. Angry at her treatment, Myers then takes his gun and kills him, leaving to start a new life. When Tosaki awakes, he's angry that his team rescued him instead of following their plan to trap Sato. Meanwhile, Sato has ambushed the Minister. The Minister tries to make a deal, but Sato kills him anyway. Kei sends an email to the Americans saying that Sato has Ogura to send them after Sato. Meanwhile, Sato announces that he will kill the remaining target, President Hashiguchi of Musashi Heavy Industries, at a Directors meeting in 3 days. Chief Cabinet Secretary Mitsui announces a new powerful Anti-Ajin Special Force. Tosaki says that this has obviously been in preparation for some time and that they have a new inhumane weapon. Nevertheless, Tosaki and Kei agree to continue their objective of stopping Sato themselves.