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You're the One Who Is Getting in the Way



Jama shiteru no wa anta no hō daro

Japanese Air Date

November 19, 2016



Opening Song

The End Of Escape

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Sato's group enter the Musashi Heavy Industries building, but with most of their special weapons neutralised by Sato, the anti-Ajin force are limited to fighting him with conventional weapons. The anti-Ajins are well trained to incapacitate Sato's group without killing them, however Sato's combat skills prove too good for them. Sato's group reach the upper floors, but they encounter Kei's group who are already in position. When Sato reaches the meeting room, Kei already has President Hashiguchi prisoner, threatening to kill him and deprive Sato of his victory. Sato appears to be defeated and is shot with tranquilizer darts. Although unconscious, his IBM is still active and it takes out Kei's group and 'resets' Sato by killing him. Sato then kills all the human members of Kei's group when they try to stop him and Kei is unable to activate his IBM. Suddenly more anti-Ajin forces attack by helicopter and force Sato's group to retreat with the company president whom Sato kills to gain access to a store chemical weapons. Kei, Shimomura and Ko are arrested by Sokabe who plans to have them tried as accomplices, but Tosaki tranquilizes Sokabe and frees them. Tosaki drives them off, frustrated at their failure to stop Sato and with Kei devastated at the death of Hirasawa and the other humans.