Episode 23
I Won't Do It



Boku wa yarimasen yo

Japanese Air Date

December 10, 2016



Opening Song

The End Of Escape

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Summary Edit

After their failure to stop Sato and now a wanted fugitive, Tosaki angrily berates Kei, who quietly accepts the blame. While the Japanese and US governments separately prepare for Sato's third wave, some of Sato's Ajins begin to doubt whether their leader really cares for Ajin rights. Sato's group assaults and easily captures a Self-Defense Force base and sets up missile launchers armed with nerve gas stolen from Muhashi Heavy Industries. In his broadcast from the base, Sato announces the beginning of his third wave and demands that the Japanese government turn over all state of affairs to the Ajin in one week’s time. Failure to meet this deadline will mean that he will launch the chemical missiles and exterminate all humans in Japan. Watching the broadcast, Tosaki realises that it is now everyone's problem and encourages the group to stop Sato once more. Kei however refuses to do so.

Characters Edit

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