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Episode 26.png
I Make Promises Too, Satō-san



Boku mo Yakusoku Shimasu yo, Satō-san"

Japanese Air Date

December 24, 2016



Opening Song

The End Of Escape

Ending Song

Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na

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Episode 25


Kei's Ajin group revive in the underground tunnels, but are separated by rubble. Sato goes after Izumi and the injured Tosaki who frees her from her contract. Free to do as she likes, Izumi decides to confront Sato. She is no match, and when Sato is about to cut off her head, Kei arrives and stops him with his IBM. As their IBMs battle each other Sato punishes Kei severely, while Izumi manages to shoot Tanaka with a tranquilizer dart. Only minutes remain before the US plan to release the nerve gas. Sato corners Kei and prepares to decapitate him, when suddenly multiples of Kei's IBM materialize and attack Sato and remove his head. As Sato's body regenerates, the US forces attack and shoot him with tranquilizer darts. They are about to arrest Kei and his group when Tosaki and Sokabe arrive and claim that they are under the protection of the Japanese government, so the US forces leave with only Sato and Tanaka. Sokabe says Kei and his group are pardoned and free to go. The Japanese government announces that Ajin will now have full citizen rights. Later, after Kei resumes his normal quite life, he receives a phone call from Tosaki saying that the plane carrying Sato exploded in mid air.