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Name Hirasawa
Kanji 平沢
Rōmaji Hirasawa
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray (Black in the anime)
Eye Color Black
Occupations Mercenary
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Voice Actor Atsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japanese)
First Appearance Chapter 16 (Manga)
Ajin Part 1: Shōdō (Film)
Episode 7 (TV Anime)
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Hirasawa (平沢 Hirasawa) is mercenary hired by Yū Tosaki to help capture Satō.


Hirasawa was a middle-aged man with glasses and patch of white hair (black in the anime). He almost always wore a serious expression.


Hirasawa was serious and a goal-oriented man. Despite this, he acted as a somewhat father figure to both Kō and Kei. It is shown that he cared for the well-being of the group and was willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of them. He is also quite thoughtful and introspective and seems to understand human nature, based on his talk with Kei.


Kei Nagai[]

Hirasawa acted as a somewhat father figure to him. While Kei initially acted cold towards him, he was shocked and quite saddened when he decided to sacrifice himself. Hirasawa was the one who tried to reach out to Kei, asking him if he was lonely and whether or not he would like to change. However, Kei told him that humans do not change and he that doesn't need anyone. Before he died, he told Kei that watching him and Kō felt like he was watching his own sons

Abilities and Powers[]

While not being an Ajin, (as well as being middle-aged), he has shown great capacity with his strength. He was able to withstand Satō by himself for quite some time, to which even Satō was surprised. He is shown being skilled in martial arts.


  • It is unknown why the anime has decided to change his hair colour.
  • He is the first human to be able to withstand Satō without any weapon.