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Ikuya Ogura
Name Ikuya Ogura
Kanji オグラ・イクヤ
Rōmaji Ogura Ikuya
Status Alive
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupations American Biophysicist
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Voice Actor Hiroyuki Kinoshita (Japanese)
Kyle McCarley (English)
First Appearance Chapter 9 (Manga)
Ajin Part 1: Shōdō (Film)
Episode 5 (TV Anime)
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Ikuya Ogura (オグラ・イクヤ Ogura Ikuya) is an American Biophysicist.


Ikuya is a man in around his late forties to early fifties. He wears a blazer with brown pant and a light purple graphic tee and later is seen wearing a red graphic tee. He is often seen slouching, and often smokes. Later on, three of his fingers were meant to be cut off by Tosaki. He later opts for only two, as Ikuya insisted that he needs three to shake off the ashes from a cigarette.


Ikuya seems to be quite a careless man, not taking many things seriously, such as acting nonchalantly when he was about to be tortured. This, however, is probably a defense mechanism for the amount pain he went through, saying that physical pain doesn't compare to emotional or mental pain. He has a quite dark sense of humor; for instance, when Kei told him that he would be putting his life in danger, he simply shrugged it off and told him that he sounds similar to the warning text of a pack of cigarettes.

Being a biophysicist, he is also well informed about the scientific outlook on Ajins, even if he may not appear like it. He seems to know how the Black Ghosts are formed and how they work (e.g. what happens when two of them collide).


Ogura was born in Japan to a Japanese father and an American mother. He moved to the United States in 1999 and studied the top-class Ajin case. However, his thesis was considered absurd by the Japanese researchers and was deemed in the United States as fringe, however, he still got his position on the research department assigned on Ajins. Both the Japanese and US governments are aware of Ajins and they agreed to a 'research agreement' to share information about them. However, this 'agreement' is only a facade as US and Japan keep their research data to themselves, resulting in a conflict of interest for both parties. When Ogura visited Japan, David Anderson accompanied him as a body guard and as a double agent for the US' Department of Defense.

When Satō attacked the institute, Tosaki kidnapped him so as to extract information from him that Tosaki can use as an advantage to keep his job on the line, as well as to stop Sato. In the process of doing so, Tosaki killed his bodyguard. No one in the public or the government knows Tosaki kidnapped Ogura as they assume that Ogura is dead. Only Tosaki, Shimomura, and Tosaki's hired guards are aware of this.

Ogura is currently held in a private compound where he's cooperating with Tosaki's group together with Nagai. It can be assumed that he's on the neutral side of things as he doesn't care about what happens to the government or to the Ajins but he still values Ajins as interesting research.


Yū Tosaki[]

Tosaki is the one who abducted Ikuya and tortured him for some time, in order to gain valuable information about Ajins and Ajin countermeasure fom him. Tosaki seemed surprised after Ogura didn't take his interrogation seriously, asking him for cigarettes and to keep him at least three fingers. Yū doesn't seem to view Ogura as anything else other than a valuable information source. Ogura didn't really seem to care when he lost two of his fingers, after witnessing so many things.

David Anderson[]

David Anderson was his bodyguard. It was also revealed that he was once a double agent from the US's Department of Defense, who was in charge of keeping Ogura in check to prevent any of US' research information on Ajins from being leaked. Anderson was killed by Tosaki.

Kei Nagai[]

He seems to understand the Ajin, and instructs him as to how IBM work.


  • He has a liking for Mild Seven FK cigarettes, which are today known as Mevius.
  • His given name, when written in kanji, means "fragrant one". His surname, when written as 小倉, means "small storehouse".
  • The shirt he wears for the majority of the series reads "I know nothing except the fact of my own ignorance".
  • In episode 15 Ogura wears a shirt that says, “He who moves not forward, goes backward”