Kaito color

Kaito anime

Name Kaito
Kanji 海斗
Rōmaji Kaito
Age 17
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde (Dyed)

Black (Natural)

Eye Color Yellow
Occupations Convict (Chapter 28 onwards)

Student (former)

Height 166cm (current)

132cm (child)

Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)
Bryce Papenbrook (English)
First Appearance Chapter 1 (Manga)
Ajin Part 1: Shōdō (Film)
Episode 1 (TV Anime)
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Kaito (海斗) is Kei's childhood friend and the only human person in the entire country who makes an effort to help Kei despite the fact he is an Ajin.


Kaito Portrait

Kaito's hair and eye color.

Kaito is a young man with an average build. He sports a black and blonde undercut with his hair spiked up. His eyes are the same golden color of his hair beneath thick, heavy eyebrows.  
Like most characters, Kaito's apparel changes throughout the series, but is most often seen in a black button-down shirt with a smiley face motif, capris, and hiking boots. He also wears a distinctive, single smiley face earring on his left ear. The smiley face motif is something that appears on all his clothing throughout his life.
When he is admitted to jail, he wears a convict's jumpsuit and his hair is drawn shorter.


Kaito is shown to be a very loyal and supportive friend for reasons not yet made known. Without hesitation, he helps Kei flee despite the fact that Kei had rejected him as a friend. He appears for the most part carefree except for one moment in his childhood when he cried because Kei had canceled his plans with him.
Though situations become increasingly worse, he appears to retain a very positive, determined attitude. He is very resourceful and though he is not as intelligent as Kei, he is able to make tactical decisions while they were on the run together. In spite of Kei abandoning him, he is still willing to do anything to ensure his safety, although he does respect Kei's wishes to be left alone if need be.
After being locked in jail, his demeanor becomes more cautious; however, he still is considerate of others.


Kaito and Kei were very good childhood friends who used to play together often. When Kei's mother advised her son to stay away from Kaito because he was the son of a convict, Kei abandoned his friendship with Kaito as if it were nothing, something that Kaito was very hurt by.
It is implied that they discontinued hanging around each other though they live close by and attended different high schools. Despite Kei telling his "friends" that he believes Kaito is strange, Kaito still waves cheerfully at him, indicative that he holds no grudge towards him.
When Kei is revealed to be an Ajin shortly after the truck crash, Kaito immediately begins preparing to help him. After receiving a call from Kei to meet where they caught a rhinoceros beetle as children, Kaito fends off a police officer about to capture Kei and they escape together on Kaito's motorbike. Kaito expressly states that he does not care that Kei is an Ajin and is mildly interested to find out that there are other Ajin out there.
After fighting off two thugs who attempted to capture Kei for money, Kaito also discovers that he is not as acutely affected by Kei's Ajin scream. Following another attempt at capture by another motorcyclist, Kaito tells Kei that he believes that he is human and that he is going to help Kei no matter what. After Kei repairs his broken legs by killing himself and they are about to flee on the motorcyclist's bike, Kaito's expression changes to one of concern.
They run into the mountains together into an abandoned house with intentions of escaping into the countryside in Kyuushu together where people would have little knowledge of Ajins. After Kaito suggests that they take turns keeping watch, Kei leaves Kaito behind while Kaito is asleep.
Kaito is then seen walking along a back road alone.
As of Chapter 28, he is in jail for being an Ajin sympathizer. He assists a fellow inmate, Takeshi Kotobuki, who is the only inmate to have escaped from jail successfully without detection, from getting beaten up for information on how to escape. This backfires as the other inmates turn the beating onto him instead.
After Kotobuki returns the favor by sending the other inmates to solitary confinement, they sit together to discuss Kei Nagai. Kaito once again insists that he swears to save Kei at all costs if Kei wishes to be saved. They end on an agreement that should anything happen to Kei, Takeshi will use his flying Black Ghost to get Kaito over the prison walls.


Kei Nagai

Kaito used to be childhood friends with Kei prior to Kei abandoning him after finding out Kaito was the son of a convict. Kaito appeared very hurt when Kei abandoned him, shedding tears despite his carefree, cheerful attitude. However, until present day, it appears that Kaito still cares for Kei's safety as during their time as fugitives, he put his life on the line to protect him. It has not been revealed why he feels this way for Kei, but it could be because he had been shunned by others for being strange (possibly due to his family background) and Kei was the only one who would play with him.

Takeshi Kotobuki

Kaito meets Takeshi in jail when the other inmates beat up Takeshi for information on how he manages to flee prison without being caught. Kaito stands up for Takeshi as dislikes unnecessary fights. After Kaito risks becoming the target of their severe beatings, Takeshi use his Black Ghost to help Kaito fend them off. It appears that Takeshi thinks Kaito is a supreme idiot, but respects his wishes to save his friend as a favor. Kaito's need to help Takeshi is probably due to his loyal nature. Afterwards, Takeshi offers Kaito help to get out of jail, should Kei get into any trouble.

Abilities and Powers

As far as has been revealed, Kaito does not appear to be an Ajin. However, Kaito is shown to have excellent combat ability, saving Kei numerous times with willpower and skill alone. He is good at close-range combat and was also seen doing a mid-air kick, which resulted in him kicking his opponents in the head, efficiently knocking them out.


  • In chapter 28, Kaito's smiley face earring is now frowning.
  • His name consists of the kanji for sea (海) and 斗, which refers to the constellation Ursa Major. It is interesting to note that in Chinese, the hanzi 斗 (read as dòu) means "fight."
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