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Masumi Okuyama
Name Masumi Okuyama
Kanji 奧山真澄
Rōmaji Masumi Okuyama
Status Alive
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
First Appearance Chapter 15
Episode 8
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Masumi Okuyama (奧山真澄, Masumi Okuyama) was an Ajin working for Satō. He has a weak right leg but is an expert with weapons and computers.

Abilities And Powers[]

  • Immortality - like all Ajins, Okuyama is immortal.
  • IBM / Black Ghost - he was seen having good control of his IBM and it obeys his orders. It has a a skinny tube like head. He is only able to summon it once a day.
  • Paralysis Scream - It is assumed that Okuyama can also use a Paralysis Scream since he's an Ajin but this has never been demonstrated in the series yet
  • Hacking skills - It is shown multiple times that Okuyama is capable of disarming security systems.

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