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Japanese Air Date

October 7, 2016

Opening Song

Yoru wa Nemureru kai?

Ending Song


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This episode was originally bundled with Volume 9 of the manga.


Chapter 1[]

This episode takes place between Episode 4 and Episode 5, when Kei is being experimented on by the government. Satou and Tanaka are moving into their new headquarters when Tanaka trips over an ice chest. Satou tells him that he's planning to buy weapons from Nekozawa. Rather then use money, which he doesn't have, he's going to use organs - his and Tanaka's as they can't die from the removal of the organs. Tanaka is troubled by the concept, and wonders if Satou merely helped him out because he wanted his body before throwing the machete away.

To calm him, Satou tells him a story about a man who was once affiliated with the US marines. He lost his cool in an important battle and caused the plan to fail. His own team stopped him. There is a limit to what one man can do on his own. He pleads to Tanaka to help him, and Tanaka agrees to help. Later, the organs are collected and Satou praises Tanaka, saying it's convenient to be an Ajin.

Several scenes from Episode 5 are played.

  • Satou meets with Nekozawa and gives him the full ice chest in exchange for the weapons.
  • Satou is seen attacking the complex to rescue Kei
  • Kei attacks him with a knife
  • Satou and Kai's black ghosts fight
  • Kai falls into the river
  • Satou "rescues" Tanaka and begs the press to help him end the Ajin suffering, crying

Chapter 2[]

Sometime after these events happen, Tanaka walks into their headquarters and sees the cooler, lamenting that he's going to have to give organs again. Satou needs the organs to buy a copy of the Speed Runner game, but Tanaka is unmoved. Held at machete-point by Satou, Tanaka wonders why he has to sell his organs to buy a game for Satou. Satou says he needs the game to undo his stress, and fears the stress might kill him. Tanaka bluntly interrupts his mourning by saying Ajin don't die. Satou defends that he can still become sick, which would incapacitate him and make him unable to lead. They'd be easy targets for tranquilizers. Tanaka angrily retorts that Satou's the future of the Ajin and he won't let him be captured. Tanaka agrees to sell his organs. Satou is later seen with the Speed Runner game, thanking Tanaka for his help. Tanaka leaves shortly afterwards.

Several scenes happen:

  • Episode 7: Using his black ghost, Tanaka holds a covert meeting with other Ajin to tell them where to meet
  • Episode 13: Kei and Ko, tied together, plan to take out Satou and jump off a cliff
  • Episode 14: Kei is with Tosaki's comatose girlfriend in the hospital, stating he's here to do business. He and Ko are willing to act as his immortal soldiers to take down Satou.

Chapter 3[]

This takes place between episode 15 and episode 16. Kei is at Tosaki's base working on a tablet when Ko approaches, noisily, and asks if he has a girlfriend, which confuses Kei. Ko laments about Izumi, thinking her and Tosaki must be a couple until Kei reminds him Tosaki has a girlfriend. Ko is cheered as it means he has a chance, and Kei patiently suggests that maybe he should try remembering their plan if he wants to impress her. Kei tries several times to show Ko the plan and get him to pay attention but Ko interrupts him each time about his insecurities with Izumi liking him. Kei tells him that even if he is an idiot he's still part of their team and he needs to be serious. Ko agrees, but when Kei tries to show him the plan again he gets up to leave, stating he'll try harder to tell her how he feels.

Chapter 4[]

This takes place at the same time as the previous chapter. Tosaki and Izumi are looking at the plan, with Tosaki lamenting the price. Izumi reminds him she'll be moving in so he'll have to add her food price. Tosaki fears if he runs out of money he'll be put in prison for embezzling. Trying to be helpful, Izumi looks for ways to save money: Kei eats five meals a day and Ko always has sweets, the air conditioner is kept too low by the others.

She's interrupted by Hirasawa with a quote for equipment expenses. Tosaki is horrified by the amount, but Hirasawa says he managed to lower it quite a bit. With no other choice, he tells HIrasawa to get the equipment before slamming his head on the table in despair. The amount also horrifies Izumi, who says that she will do something, saying she'll get a part time job. Tosaki says it won't begin to cover it and angrily tells Izumi to use her head to earn money.

Izumi thinks about attracting guests using a hot spring, her ghost is digging a hole, but realizes how stupid it is when Tosaki asks her about it. Her ghost breaks the water line shortly afterwards. She makes the hot spring anyway, which will save money on water, electricity, and heating. Izumi is drying off after a dip in the hot spring when Ko, still fired up from the ending of chapter 3, runs in on her and attempts to tell her his feelings. Izumi sics her ghost on him .


Having recovered form being killed, Ko is in the hot spring when Kei joins him. He is depressed from what happens and tells Kei it's no good before submerging himself in the hotspring, drowning himself in his sorrow - literally.


Chapter 1:

  • "I'll provide the liver, so if you'll please provide the heart and kidneys." - Satou to Tanaka about collecting their organs

Chapter 2:

  • "At this rate, the stress might kill me."
  • "Ajin don't die." - Satou lamenting that he wants to sell Tanaka's organs to buy a game and Tanaka's response